March 2010

Biographies Edited

Let It All Hang Out by Billy Munro
Sex Is For Sinners by Michael Morel
Room With A View by Ross Isaacson
Take The Bull By The Horns by Barry Bull

Non-fiction Editing

Blokes and Dunnies by Jeff Self
Self-help manual by Reuben Phiri
2011: Appointed editor of quartlery Journal of the Cornwall Family History Society
Vietnam, A Travel Guide for Cleear Publishing
The Eternal Search for God by Matthew Hogan
From the Dreaming to the Dreamers by Gavin Dickson
Tower of Power by Bill Munro
Australia’s Water Market by Professor Manabu Kondo
Between The Dances by Jacqueline Dinan

Fiction Editing

Blow The Wind Southerly by Vincent Smith
A Woman’s War by Jacqueline Dinan
The Janus Deception by Christine McCaffrie
Of Passion and Terror by Frank Best
The Wong Way To Marry by Colleen Poulter
Suburban Insurgent by Shawn Green
Do Not Forget The Dead by Janice Simpson
The Wasted Years by Ant Dry
Isabelle by Ann Gillespie
Inlet of Little Fishes by HRW Cheetham
A Burning Piano by Christopher Winterton
Ron by Pat Cooney
Friendship on Fire by Danielle Weiler
My Time Has Come by Molly Rose

Are they fit to judge?

According to an item in today’s Education Age, 76 per cent of employers believe school-leavers have poor literacy skills. How would they know? Judging by the written material produced by many businesses, most don’t even know where to place an apostrophe. There was a massive black hole in education whereby many who are now at managerial level received only a scant education in grammar. Their skills are as woeful as those they now criticise.