October 2010

A super Snowman

Following on from our previous ridiculing of his publisher’s claim that Jo Nesbo is “the new Steig Larsson” we can now confirm the unfairness of this book cover statement. Nesbo’s newest offering, Snowman, is streets ahead of anything Larsson achieved in his over-hyped Millenium trilogy.
Like the previous Nesbo books, Snowman is built around the alcoholic, melancolic Harry Hole – a character far more complex and far more believable than any of Larsson’s cardboard caricatures. And in his two main women protagonists (and the love-sex involving them) we are given far deeper portrayals than the over-drawn, over-blown Liz Solander of the Millenium books.
Nesbo is up there with Mankell and the very best of the moody Scandinavian crime writers. Do yourself a favour and read his finely written novel with its myriad twists and turns rather than the pap of the publicity drenched Larsson.