August 2011

Devilish fare

The mist rolling in over the moors and cornfields wreathed around the Asylum to provide an appropriately dark and moody setting for Kneehigh Theatre’s production of The Wild Bride. This fresh twist on the Dr Faustus theme has a struggling woodsman making a contract with the Devil only to find he has been tricked into selling his fey daughter into a life of misery and brutality.
Although woven with the familiar Kneehigh ingredients of dance, music, broad humour and whimsy, this is a dark and macabre tale with effects to match. Certainly not one for the kiddies.
Once again, a small cast shows an incredibly diverse range of talents – multi-tasking as musicians, singers, dancers and actors. The singing is mostly gutsy and bluesy; the dancing is taut and interpretive. Stage effects range from gruesome to fantasy and come with a full-on emotional punch.
All in all it is a superb evening made all the more enjoyable by the smiling army of support people with their smiling greetings and happy farewells.