January 2017

NHS crisis is of the British people’s making, not the government’s

Everyone is jumping on the NHS bandwagon. And they all sing with the same monotonous voice a chorus that says the NHS is in crisis and the government is to blame.


The only crisis is not within the NHS but within the community at large. And the only ones to blame is the seething mass of obese, overweight, semi-alcoholic drongos shuffling along our streets on the rare occasions that they actually indulge in some form of physical activity.

Little wonder that they do their supermarket shopping

Resolutions? Let’s do this together or not at all

Thinking about this resolution thingy.

Reality is it depends on others. No point in giving up the drink unless your booze-buddies do likewise, or you’ll have little support. Same with the fags. And the diet. And the “join a gym” promise to oneself.

Resolutions need to be a mass initiative to be of any use. A community effort, A group determination.

Why vow to spend less time on the internet/phone if