Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #10

REMEMBER those bruising, knuckle-skinning, foot-tripping days of yore; every man and woman (and all in between)  for themselves; no holds barred as the doors slid open and the mass hurtled forward at the opening of the Boxing Day sales? Or the elbow-shoving, back-pushing skirmishes as  thousands upon thousands bowled each other over when the hooter blared for the  start of the London (or many another major city) Marathon? And not one of them likely at any time  to be within even distant sight of the elite front-runners. Then… Continue reading

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PERHAPS this blog post should come with an advisory caution; like those that precede some of the raunchier dramas screened on post-watershed TV. A warning about bad language or offensive dialogue. Displaying an awareness of some readers’ fragile sensibilities.  Guarding against young minds being led down sinful paths; the elderly… Continue reading

Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #6

Jan 2021: THE stable door is now shut tight. Bolted and barred. Triple locked and with no sign of a key or code. And unoccupied. The horse it once contained, an unruly beast at the best of time, seized its pre-lockdown moment and is now a mere galloping speck in the distance. Catching it will be a thankless, nigh impossible, task. Restraining it, even more unlikely. For a while it held the headlines while the experts debated and dithered, as experts tend to do, about how best… Continue reading