Living, coping and observing in the age of Covid #5

Jan 2021: WHAT is it that they don’t understand? Are the almost 100,000 deaths so beyond comprehension that they believe them to be a total fiction? Do the BBC’s recent series of excruciating hospital scenes unnerve them so much that they dismiss them as some horror drama rescheduled to replace the nightly news? How can anyone with an ounce of compassion still stirring in their soul confront exhausted hospital staff to deride them for devoting hours of draining physical and emotional energy to keeping their fellow beings from… Continue reading

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CONFUSION continues to await avid readers of two popular series of crime fiction tales centred on Britain’s south coast. They can be left flummoxed, not so much by the intricate plotting but rather by the naming of the two main characters. One wonders whether there is mutual admiration or deep rivalry between the books’ authors, MJ Arlidge and Peter James. Perhaps they have works in the pipeline that will feature heroic confrontations and clashes between James’s doughty Detective Chief Superintendent Roy Grace and Arlidge’s rebellious dare devil Detective Inspector Helen Grace. Or real life stoushes between the authors themselves. A falling… Continue reading