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From Paupers to iPads

Tony Berry relates an unexpected journey that took him from his home in Australia to the valleys of Wales, the mill towns of Yorkshire, Royal Naval dockyards, the Sussex coast and Clydeside tenements. Along the way he discovered unknown relatives in New Zealand, Norway and the USA. He encountered abject poverty, sudden workplace deaths, hardship and perseverance. Instead of unclaimed fortunes and country estates he found a family tree of labourers, tidewaiters, shipwrights, preachers, weavers, cotton pickers, maids, servants and paupers. Around them he has woven an enthralling story that brings alive the dull data of genealogy.

Where we have come from is as important as where we are heading

From Paupers to iPads (paperback published by FastPrint Publishing UK).
ISBN: 978-178035-217-6

Done Deal
Published 2008 by Yarraboy Editorial Services
ISBN: 978-0-646-49437-1
Available through
Short-listed for the 2007 NSW Genre Fiction Award
Contact Yarraboy Editorial Services (9429 6978) for direct sales ($20)

Review by Nicole Lindsay in the Books section of the Herald Sun, 23 August 2008.

Done Deal, set in the mean streets of inner-city Richmond, is a gripping little crime story narrated by former English secret service agent Bromo Perkins. Bromo, in exile after a botched operation, is interrupted during coffee in a Bridge Rd café by a blackmailing blonde. It’s the start of a bumpy ride extending from the Boulevard in South Yarra to the MCG and a stalled development site very similar to the one at the end of Highett St. Some characters are sketchy but Richmond is lovingly and accurately rendered.

Done Deal is now available through Readings in Carlton and the wonderful BookTalk Cafe in Swan Street, Richmond. Borders will obtain supplies on request.

Washed Up
Completed 2008
Awarded mentorship June 2008 by Australian Society of Authors.
Mentor – Sophie Masson.
Held under consideration by Allen & Unwin for almost a year before being rejected.
Now due for release in late 2011

The third book in the Bromo Perkins series is nearing completion with an expected release date of mid-2012.