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ALL written material needs editing. From full-scale novels and biographies to restaurant menus, mailouts and websites.

To communicate via the written word, it is essential to use the right words and phrasing. This ensures everything you write is fully understood by those you aim to reach.

Sentences written to impress rarely achieve their goal. They confuse rather than clarify.

Bad punctuation, incorrect grammar, wrong spelling and misused words are major barriers to being understood. So, too, are convoluted and overlong sentences that say nothing or obscure the intended meaning.

Simplify technical language. Eliminate jargon. Don’t use two words when one will suffice. Avoid close repetition of words and phrases. Transform long and cumbersome sentences into shorter, snappier ones.

We provide a lifetime of editing experience over all genres of fact and fiction: romance, crime, fantasy, historical, sci-fi, self-help, young adult, biography, medical, technical, academic, memoirs, travel, mental health and much more.

Regardless of genre or topic, we liaise closely with authors to put the final polish on their work.

Engage a pro to get it right

Because a person can change a light bulb does not make them an electrician. And running a manuscript through Spellcheck does not mean it has been edited.

Editors, like electricians, are skilled professionals. They are qualified and accredited. Using a professional editor makes sure your message is understood.

You may have written a best-seller novel (which is what we all believe) but whether seeking a publisher or doing it yourself, your manuscript needs that final polish only a professional editor can provide.

It is said everyone has a book somewhere inside them, but the temptation to be ‘literary’ sometimes needs to be curbed. Every word and every sentence needs reviewing by a dispassionate but caring eye. A sympathetic but strong editor can turn purple prose into words of gold.

Family historians are adept at collating the mundane facts and figures of past lives, their own or someone else’s. But it requires a storyteller’s touch to make them ‘sing’ on the page, make our ancestors live again and grab a reader’s interest. Transforming dates and place names into a lively tale needs the expert touch of an editor who has ‘been there, done that’.

Enthusiastic writers of self-help and how-to books often overwhelm with an excess of facts and opinions. These can cloud the message and overwhelm the reader. An expert editor will bring clarity to enhance understanding regardless of the topic.

Although the content of academic theses may be beyond the scope of a layperson but the grammar, punctuation and phrasing still demand the attention of a skilled wordsmith.

Stop advertising your errors

Newspapers. television screens and the internet are littered with incorrect grammar, most of it from advertisers and their agencies. Elsewhere we see restaurant menus, shop signs, direct mail flyers and posters rife with errors.

Getting it right means sales and satisfied customers. Make your message clear and concise to prevent your help lines being flooded by angry customers.

Finding the right words and gathering them into a readable order can be a daunting task. Too much information can be as much a fault as providing too little.

For firm but careful nurturing of your creation, entrust your words to those who love them and who have years of experience in tailoring your writing to the needs of the market.

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  • We provide a service for anyone who seeks help with the written word, regardless of theme or genre, from a press release, menu, submission or flyer through to a full length book or thesis. Please feel free to briefly outline your needs here so that I can give you an estimate of the cost. It would greatly help if you could attach a sample, perhaps the opening chapter(s) or an extract of no more than 3000 words.
  • It would greatly help if you could attach a sample, perhaps the opening chapter or an extract of no more than 3000 words.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.

Welcome to my website and blog, and to my world. The name is Tony Berry, writer and editor (and lifelong pedant) with five crime fiction books and two memoirs to my name. Born, educated and working for many years in England, I then moved to Australia before returning to my roots in 2010 and now happily back where my working life began—in beautiful, rugged and still mystical Cornwall.

Professional bodies

CAE Melbourne, Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

Accredited Editor, Institute of Professional Editors, Australia

Professional Member, Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, UK

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