Everyone has a book somewhere inside them. Their storylines, plots, imaginings, histories, experiences and thoughts can make stimulating and enjoyable reading — and may even prove profitable. But finding the right words and gathering them into a readable order can be a daunting task.

Too much information can be as much a fault as too little. The temptation to be “literary” sometimes needs to be curbed. A sympathetic but strong editor can turn purple prose into words of gold.

For firm but loving nurturing of your creation entrust your manuscript to those who love words and who have had a lifetime’s experience of tailoring their writing to the needs of the market.

Media Editing

Our newspapers and television screens are littered with incorrect grammar from advertisers and their agencies. Restaurant menus, shop signs, direct mail flyers and posters everywhere are rife with errors.

Simplicity means sales and satisfied customers. Make it clear and concise to prevent your help lines being flooded by angry customers.

All this is the job of an editor. We will ensure your message is understood.

Other writings

Everything needs editing…

  • full-length novels
  • technical handbooks
  • historical biographies
  • self-help manuals
  • academic theses
  • restaurant menus
  • and more

No matter how you are trying to communicate via the written word, make sure it’s the right word. Ensure whatever you write is fully understood by those you intend to reach.

Bad punctuation, incorrect grammar, wrong spellings and the misuse of words are the major crimes. Too many sentences are full of hyperbole that says nothing or, at best, obscures the intended meaning. Technical language needs simplifying. Jargon has to be eliminated. Don’t use two words when one will suffice. Transform long and cumbersome sentences into shorter, snappier ones.

All this is the work of an editor. Over recent decades we have edited historical romances, crime fiction, fantasies, self-help books, science fiction, young adult adventures, love stories, biographies and auto-biographies, medical journals, memoirs, technical tomes, academic theses, travel tales and mental health manuals. We liaise closely with authors to put the final polish on their work, regardless of genre or topic.