Fiction Editing

Blow The Wind Southerly by Vincent Smith
A Woman’s War by Jacqueline Dinan
The Janus Deception by Christine McCaffrie
Of Passion and Terror by Frank Best
The Wong Way To Marry by Colleen Poulter
Suburban Insurgent by Shawn Green
Do Not Forget The Dead by Janice Simpson
The Wasted Years by Ant Dry
Racing The Boys by Jacqueline Dinan
Isabelle by Ann Gillespie
Inlet of Little Fishes by HRW Cheetham
A Burning Piano by Christopher Winterton
Ron by Pat Cooney
My Time Has Come by Molly Rose
Friendship on Fire by Danielle Weiler
A Commissioning in Ammonia by RB Ward
FlameMaker by Lorraine Eljuga
The Bonus Boys by Jan Needle (Endeavour Press)
Flight From Mostar by Anthony Galvin (Endeavour Press)
Mayflowers for November: The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn by Malyn Bromfield (Endeavour Press)
Figures of Death by PJ Sweeting (Endeavour Press)
Of Fathers and Sons by Evan Ostraznuik (Endeavour Press)