Literacy lunacy

Why do we pander to the dumbed-down generation of Twitterers and texters? They are illiterate enough without encouraging them any further. But author and literary researcher (whatever that might be) Masha Bell now wants reforms made to the spelling of English because of the high level of under-achievement among young people.
She reckons the difficulty of learning their native tongue is the reason so many end up in jail and are classified as Neets, which apparently stands for Not in Education Employment or Training.
The more likely reason is that it has somehow become acceptable when sending text messages, Tweets, Facebook and YouTube postings and blogging to mis-spell, abbreviate and totally disregard punctuation and grammar. And underlying this is a lack of rigorous and sustained education in the use of English.
To reform spelling on these grounds is like making sure every jailbird has a passkey to the outside world.

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