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If it ain’t broke, WordPress, why ….?

Writing a blog used to be a simple, time-efficient task.

That is, until WordPress decided to “improve” things. And, as so often happens when such decisions are made, things became intolerably worse.

It used to be a case of type of the text, select a picture and insert it wherever appropriate. Simple.

Now we have blocks!

Unworkable, uncontrollable, inexplicable framed chunks that are a law unto themselves.

An attempt to create a ten sentence post and insert a couple of illos has ended in anger and frustration.

And incomplete.

A once pleasurable 15-minute task became a two hour trail of chasing blocks and getting nowhere.

Why, why, why?

What is it about IT people that they have to be forever fiddling and tinkering in the name of improvement, which is too often nothing of the sort?

Thanks WordPress for creating chaos out of order. It has been nice knowing you. Sadly a happy relationship has turned unbearably sour. The divorce papers are on their way.

Bloody blocks!

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