manuscriptsDon’t trust family and friends; have your work professionally assessed and edited

Submit your completed manuscript, fiction or non-fiction, for an appraisal of content, presentation, grammar, structure and any other aspects that need attention. This is an essential step along the way to submissions and editing.

Consultations can also be provided on an ongoing basis to mentor writers at all stages of their work, providing guidance on such issues as research, plotting, writing and marketing.
Every writer has different abilities, needs and goals, and we tailor our fees accordingly. Ask for a quote.

Editing is essential

Stringing together many thousands of words is a huge achievement. But it is only the beginning. Before you submit them to a publishing house, take the self-publishing option, or put them online as an e-book you need to be sure they truly “sing”. Checking them for grammar, sense and spelling (Spellcheck is far from enough) is essential. But do they grab the reader? Are there too many words? Could the sentences be shorter, tighter, more concise, and thus more effective? Is there too much waffle and repetition? Are there inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation? Is the dialogue realistic or stilted? Does the plot hang together or is it too convoluted and confusing?

These are the questions and issues that can only be dealt with by an unbiased, independent third party — a professional editor. The manuscript will always be your work, your “baby”, but we will correct, advise, encourage and nurture its creation and growth.

Our experience is long and extensive. In fiction it embraces nearly all genres; in non-fiction it covers an ever-widening range of theme and topics, from mental health to international terrorism. A cross-section of titles we have edited is listed below:


Blow The Wind Southerly by Vincent Smith
A Woman’s War by Jacqueline Dinan
The Janus Deception by Christine McCaffrie
Of Passion and Terror by Frank Best
The Wong Way To Marry by Colleen Poulter
Suburban Insurgent by Shawn Green
Do Not Forget The Dead by Janice Simpson
Friendship on Fire by Danielle Weiler
My Time Has Come by Molly Rose
The Wasted Years by Ant Dry
Racing The Boys by Jacqueline Dinan
Isabelle by Ann Gillespie
Inlet of Little Fishes by HRW Cheetham
A Burning Piano by Christopher Winterton
Ron by Pat Cooney


Let It All Hang Out by Billy Munro
Sex Is For Sinners by Michael Morel
Room With A View by Ross Isaacson
Take The Bull By The Horns by Barry Bull
Some Touch of Pity by Lawrence Pope
Golden Raub – William’s Story by Victor Bibby


Blokes and Dunnies by Jeff Self
The Eternal Search for God by Matthew Hogan
From the Dreaming to the Dreamers by Gavin Dickson
Tower of Power by Bill Munro
Australia’s Water Market by Professor Manabu Kondo
Martyrs and Cowards – Suicidal Terrorism and Public Health by Professor Niyi Awofeso, Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University, Dubai, UAE
Between The Dances by Jacqueline Dinan
Breaking the Emotional Health Barriers by Dr Reuben Phiri
Vietnam, A Travel Guide for Cleear Publishing

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