Death by Diamonds

Death by Diamonds

(Bromo Perkins, Book 3)

ISBN: 9-781521-396971

Endeavour Press UK, 2017

Murder, mercenaries and sex.

Bromo Perkins, lover of Lagavulin and double espressos, is back. And his love life is as unsettled as ever.

A knife-wielding thug shatters a shy young Asian woman’s lunch break with a vicious attack on her dog. The next morning, the woman is found brutally murdered, her body revealed as the hiding place for a clutch of illegal diamonds.

The gruesome murder lures disgraced ex-secret service agent Bromo Perkins from his would-be reclusive life in an Australian inner-city suburb and opens old wounds from a dangerous mission in Sri Lanka.

Mugged and threatened, he is soon dragged back into the murky world of his past as he becomes involved with a group of mercenaries, a sex-crazed businesswoman and dark and murderous international trade in blood diamonds.

The trail of deceit and duplicity leads Bromo to England’s far southwest where threats on his daughter’s life from an enigmatic tycoon persuade him to connive in an explosive climax that rocks the backstreets of his beloved Richmond.

About Death by Diamonds

This third book in the popular Bromo Perkins crime series was released in 2014. This revised edition was published by Endeavour Press UK as an e-book and paperback in 2017.

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