proofreadingThe human eye is what reads your words, and it takes a human eye to check them.

Printing houses used to employ dedicated professional proofreaders who cast their very human eyes over every word, comma and full stop. They corrected wandering apostrophes. Misused words were replaced. Meanings were clarified. Facts were checked and double-checked. Very little escaped their eagle eyes.

With the advent of technology everyone has become their own proofreader. But it is far from enough to rely on Spellcheck or Microsoft Word’s grammar monitor. These spell-checkers lack the human element that truly knows the difference between they’re, their and there. We’ve seen spell-checkers tell writers to change your to you’re when the author was right all along.

While it is good to be able to correct yourself, you are never going to catch everything. After you have read and reread something numerous times an error can get tucked away out of sight; or maybe your proofreading skills are not sufficiently advanced.

That is what Yarraboy Editorial Services is here for. Say Y.E.S. to making your words matter.

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