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Garrett on song

Perennially popular soprano Lesley Garrett, who has teamed up with Anthony Warlow on her visits to Australia, is now touring the halls in England with a show that’s a real knockout and – on the night I was there – scores her standing ovations.
It’s a delightful mix of classical (pre-interval) and showbiz with every number introduced in an informally chatty manner that proves you can take the lass out of Yorkshire but ye canna shift Yorkshire from the lass. Eee ba gum, she’s a reet funny gal is that Lesley. She calls on a baritone mate to join her in several duets and has a treasure of an accompanist in Andrew West that is great fun as well as a musical delight.
Perhaps there was a bit too much Handel and a similarity of songs in the first half but all were impeccably sung with clarity and a diction that is often all too lacking in other performers.
Garrett? Now there’s a name for musical Aussies to wonder about.