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Turnip topsy turvy

OK, so now we can’t call port port, sherry sherry or champagne champagne thanks to the jingoistic bureacrats in Europe.
But if you think that’s a sad commentary on highly-paid people with too much power backed by too little common sense, shed a tear (sad or humourous) for the very confused people of Cornwall.
Here, in the land of the pasty, they are now reeling under a European Commission ruling that a swede is actually a turnip.
The EC has rightly decreed that the only ingredients permitted in a true Cornish pasty are minced or diced beef, sliced potato, onion and swede.
However, they have also cottoned on to the bizarre notion (which no one here can verify) that the Cornish actually refer to a swede as a turnip. Hence the worthy bureaucrats of Brussels have added the rider that a Cornish pasty must not only contain swede but also that it can be said to contain turnip.
Which is akin to calling a cucumber a zucchini or a chicken a duck. Go figure.