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Wayward Wyatt

After heaping praise on Wyatt, Garry Disher’s latest crackingly good crime novel, it came as a disappointment find a slew of errors that could only have been caused by sloppy editing. It starts getting into strife on page 190 when crooked cop Rigby casts her eyes “around the kitchen” when the scene is set in her bedroom.
On the same page, Le Page plots his escape from Australia by flying to Fiji “and not leave Suva airport”. That will certainly throw them off the scene as Fiji’s airport is in Nadi.
Meanwhile, on page 194, Wyatt is causing havoc by shooting a former sidekick at a courthouse way out in the ‘burbs. He escapes by “dodging cars and a tram”. Eh? A tram? Out there, way beyond East Burwood and Vermont South? We’d like to see that.
Editing is not just about words and punctuation; it includes continuity and facts. But not in Wyatt, it seems.

Read and learn

If you want to know how to write good, tight, attention-grabbing prose – regardless of your genre – study the opening chapter of Wyatt, the latest book by Garry Disher. This is masterful. It is economic, rich in the use of words yet sparse and sparing, full of information drip-fed to the reader without them being bludgeoned, crammed with action and brilliant in its succinct description of places and people. Read, read, read – and learn.