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Tales to be told

Boy, 4, dies after falling 23 stories from New York flat is the headline on today’s Herald Sun online.
One wonders how many of those stories the poor kid had time to tell before landing.

An artless act

A standing ovation please for Age columnist Michael Shmith for his commentary http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/culture-in-eclipse-at-the-herald-sun-20100514-v4en.html on events at the Herald Sun. While Shmith, in his role as arts commentator and especially critic, tends to have a somewhat too-cosy relationship with those he writes about, he is certainly on the money with these words. This country’s infernal preoccupation with sports, the trivial and the mundane is turning us into a cultural desert and impoverishing future generations who already believe talent consists of mumbling into a microphone stuck halfway down one’s throat.