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Luvvies out of love

Actor David Suchet (the fussiest of the Poirot portrayers) is waging war on the use of the term luvvie to describe those who follow the arts. Poor love, he thinks it’s become derogatory and disrespectful of his noble calling. Fancy attaching such a label to all those hangers-on in theatre foyers who are merely there to gawp and gaze and to guzzle free booze on opening nights.
The whole thing has now developed into a blame game (an art form that PM Krudd originally derided but now uses to extreme) with the actors divided over the use of the term and its origins. Naturally, the media was blamed. Such an easy target.
But now Peter Bowles (he of The Manor Born) says it was one of their own, James Villiers, who is the originator. “It was how James addressed everybody,” says Bowles. “We have only ourselves to blame.”
And no doubt the luvvies at the MTC’s after-parties (and all other such gatherings) will party on regardless of what Mr Suchet thinks.