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A ticket to ride

What a sad lot we are in Melbourne with our woeful public transport ticketing system and the disastrous myki debacle.
Here in London (and the UK general), ticketing simply works! No doubts, no hassles, no problems. Consumers have all manner of choice of payment. They use machines that spew out tickets to order – and quickly.
If we are so bloody good as our various governments would have us believe, why are we fifty years behind the rest of the world?

Language mangle

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the myki ticketing system is taking us for the world’s most expensive ride, the bureaucrats behind it are now also creating havoc with the language.
Long-suffering commuters who have had thousands of dollars wrongly added to their myki cards are being told this is a “fare calculation progamming error”.
No, folks; it’s simply another bloody big mistake.