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Interval chaos

When is the Arts Centre going to install a far more civilised system for ordering and enjoying interval drinks than the present chaotic bunfight?
Having recently enjoyed a most refined and unhurried intermission at the New London Theatre (which is actually 37 years old) I remain puzzled over the archaic frenzy that has to be endured by all who gather at any of the centre’s theatres and halls.
The New London has dedicated staff to greet audience members and take interval drink orders, which are set out on a number of tables around the various gathering points. At the Arts Centre, one person ordering interval drinks can hold up a whole pre-show queue of people while the order is processed and paid for at the bar. Crazy!
Why do we tolerate those vast interval queues? Many Arts Centre patrons get their drinks as the bells are sounding to resume our seats. At the New London everything is unrushed, unhurried and with space to commune and socialise.
It’s time to free us of this chaos and introduce a touch of sophistication into our evenings of culture.