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Warhorse sequel

A double-whammy winner for Michael Morpurgo, creator of the magical Warhorse, reviewed here in an earlier post. His book/play script has been acquired by Steven Spielberg and casting has already begun, which includes live horses to replace the awesome life-size puppets that thrill on stage.
Morpurgo has also written a much-demanded sequel, Farm Boy. This follows the life of Joey after the events portrayed so brilliantly in Warhorse and is getting an airing at the coming Edinburgh Festival.
The hero of the 65-minute piece is no longer a horse but an old and rusty Fordson tractor and instead of the big cast of Warhorse there are merely two characters – a boy and his grandfather.
Maybe the Victorian Arts Centre can afford this one while it rearranges its budget to finance a season of Warhorse.