Aida more than fascinates

Little wonder there was a packed house to greet Fascinating Aida when this trio of outrageous women took to the stage at the City Hall last night. This was satire and cabaret and superb musicality all rolled into one huge biting, hilarious and even sentimental ball of fun and A=class entertainment.
From the opening number sticking the boot into Companies Using Nefarious Taxation Schemes (you work out the acronym) through to the finale singing the praises (sort of) of Truro, this was as good an evening’s entertainment as you will find anywhere.
Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and newcomer Sarah-Louise Young are showing no signs of losing their satiric edge or their abundant energy after 28 years of touring. This was Tom Lehrer mingled with Ute Lemper plus hints of Lotte Lenya, Deitrich, Weill and Brecht – some of whom duly received a deliciously precise lampooning during the evening.
With Keane orchestrating everything from the piano (plus a bit of drumming and cymbal clashing), the keenly-edged satire was embellished by the trio’s fine voices.
Highlights were the ode to dogging, lauded by The Times as “the dirtiest and funniest song of the century so far” and the trio’s hymn to cheap air travel, while the bracket of pithy Bulgarian folk songs underscored how fresh and up-to-date is the group’s material.
As the saying goes … not to be missed.

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