An old faithful

The corn is still as “high as an elephant’s eye” and may even be getting cornier as time rolls by, but Oklahoma keeps on rolling across stages around the world and last week bumped into the Hall for Cornwall for a short but energetic stay.
It was like greeting an old friend and it seemed most of the audience felt the same with feet tapping and fingers drumming as the cast launched into one timeless favourite after another. Few among us would have been seeing the show for the first, or even second, time.
The format was similar to that used by the Production Company in Melbourne – small cast, a basic one-scene-fits-all set and only one scene change in order to thrust poor old Jud Fry’s smokehouse into the limelight.
The cast was similar, too, in that touring shows like this provide work experience and a rung on the showbiz ladder for the up and comers. And so we got a high energy show from a bunch of multi-skilled and talented youngsters (some of them fresh out of drama school) who looked as if they were enjoying themselves every bit as much as the audience.
A couple of old-timers in Marti Webb and Pete Gallagher added stability and balance, helping to smooth over a few rough edges.
An oldie but a goody with the orchestra just about winning the race to the final joyful note.

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