Funny but foul

Two immensely funny guys kept a packed Hall for Cornwall laughing and applauding on Friday night with a show billed as brutally honest and frequently controversial. And it would have been no less funny or confronting if they had eliminated the excess of four letter words from their patter. It seems to have become obligatory among the huge army of stand-ups traipsing up and down the country to litter their lines with foul language that does nothing to enhance their performance.
On Friday, the urbane, laid-back and intensely likeable Reginald D Hunter rambled through topics ranging from the everyday and mundane to the intensely personal and prickly political. His delivery was equally diverse – from amiable to barbed and often thought-provoking.
His sidekick and warm-up man, gangly Australian Steve Hughes, was a headline act in its own right – sharp, satirical, biting and hugely funny but sadly let down by even wider and more frequent use of completely unnecessary obscene language than employed by the main man.
His punchy but foul-mouthed performance was a riotously subversive look at international politics, finance, global warming (inevitably) and his native land that left one wondering how long he will remain hiding in the shadows of Hunter.
All-in-all a real winner for HfC.

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