Whistling in the wind

Moonlight and Magnolias, the latest MTC offering at the Playhouse, is one for the film buffs and especially for those hard core addicts of the tediously long Gone With The Wind. Ron Hutchinson, himself an experienced script writer for the movies, has crafted a fast-moving piece based on an infamous few days in Hollywood folklore.

Produced by Australia’s own movie master, Bruce Beresford, it recreates the battle between the legendary trio of producer, director and writer (David O Selznick, Victor Fleming and Ben Hecht) to craft a workable script for “the greatest movie ever made”. Packed with manic moments, sharp wit and even the occasional barbed commentary on racism and politics, the play rattling along a precipice bordering farce without ever falling completely over the edge.

Fed on a diet of bananas and peanuts (such a lovely crunch of shells) this disparate trio survives through to the film’s immortal final line. Along the way we get some rattling good performances from Patrick Brammall, Nicholas Hammond, Stephen Lovatt and Marg Downey against a superb set and with video clips from the actual moving playing overhead.

It’s a witty, fast-moving and precisely timed piece of fun that will be especially enjoyed by those who know their movie history and know something of Rhett and Scarlett’s turbulent affair.

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