Facebook provides fine forum for complaints

One of the better aspects of the generally anti-social network known as Facebook is its ability to open doors when all else has failed.

Much experience of trying to access a wide variety of corporate entities has shown me that FB is the way to go.

Because time lord Zuckenberg has convinced the world an online presence is as essential to our existence as the air we breathe, no business dare be without a Facebook page.

And therein lies the “Open Sesame” for the dissatisfied and disaffected. Are you worn down by hours on telephone (non) Help lines? Wearied by sending emails that receive nothing more than a form-letter response? Sick of being passed from “one of our agents” to another of the same cloned breed?

Relief, and the solution, are to be found on (in? within?) Facebook.

Clicking on a business’s Like button provides the sort of access – and response – that no phone call or email ever achieves.
You can now join in any of the discussions on that page and simply divert the topic to you own disgruntled needs.

No need to “shout”. Be nice, be polite, be firm and be specific … but by putting your complaint out there into this very public forum you are sure to spark a quick response.

And if you are not satisfied, post again … and again … and again. However, long experience has shown such repetition is rarely necessary.

Soon you will be asked to use the private Message button. This is not because personal treatment is being offered, but simply to avoid the embarrassment that public posting entails.

But, what the heck, you’ve got someone to listen and they know that if action doesn’t follow, you’ll be back to making public posts. And no business wants global exposure of their failings of product or customer service.

Over the years I have received excellent and prompt help, advice and service from companies that initially failed in all these departments. And all by hitting Like and making a post.

Facebook has its uses after all.

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