Nesbo delivers

Consistently better than the over-lauded Steig Larsen, Scandinavian author Jo Nesbo gets better and better. His latest, The Leopard, is a real humdinger. After forsaking the lugubrious Harry Hole for last year’s inexplicable Headhunter (did Nesbo really write this?) the author has thankfully switched the spotlight back on to Hole and his dogged pursuit of Norway’s most pernicious criminals.
The Leopard takes off from where The Snowman left off, with Hole down and out in more ways than one drowning his sorrows in the opium dens of Hong Kong.
Duped into returning to Oslo by new love interest Kaja Solness, Harry is enmeshed in a world where a devious serial killer, his dying father, duplicitous colleagues, avalanches and African despots combine to give him the toughest ride yet of his tumultuous career. The result is one of the best crime fiction reads of the year; a true page-turner than careers forward in a way that rightly keeps Nesbo at the top of the crime-writing bestsellers.

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