writingThere are many times when we need to “put something in writing”.

It might be a simple business letter or a complex presentation; a full-scale work of fiction or a brief novella; a university thesis or a commercial proposition; a family history, a sales leaflet or a restaurant menu.

It is too easy to be misunderstood by using the wrong words or incorrect punctuation. Disputes are avoided if your meaning is clear. Successful outcomes arise from clarity of expression.

Use our lifetime experience as wordsmiths to polish your prose. Contact us now to ensure every word you write is correct and meaningful.

It is expected that the strategy will outline a course of action for council for the next three to five years consistent with the strategic directions.

This bureaucratic gobbledygook was rewritten to simply let ratepayers know that a council had a three to five year plan.

Let Yarraboy Editorial Services eliminate the complex jargon, confusing words and ambiguity. Let’s bring it back to “plain English”.