Words Are Our Business

July 8th, 2014

Words are our business. We bring more than 50 years’ experience to helping you put the final shine on all your printed, published and spoken material.

With offices in Australia and the UK, Tony Berry – journalist, editor, author, traveller and cook – blesses the internet for enabling him to provide clients with a fully professional and prompt service no matter where he chooses to rest his head.

Whether based in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond or overlooking a river in Cornwall he prides himself on maintaining a service dedicated to ensuring the written work of his many and varied clients is concise, correct and clearly understood.

Don’t be a language terrorist – use a professional wordsmith to vet all your written (and spoken) material.

Tony Berry’s latest releases:
From Paupers To iPads – A Journey Across Seven Generations;
The Devil Deals in Diamonds

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