Words are my business. I bring more than 50 years’ experience to helping you put the final shine on all your printed, published and spoken material

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About me

A love of the written word has underscored my life; from early schooldays when essay-writing was by far my most popular subject, then eschewing university to enter journalism through an old-style three-year apprenticeship as a reporter on a newspaper where accuracy was everything and on to the absorbing world of reporting, feature-writing and editing on all manner of publications in the UK and Australia.

Forever writing, even when moving into editing; always shaping sentences, honing each phrase and, like a true pedant, never off duty; 

eyes continually alert to a misused word, a wrong spelling or a misplaced comma.

The eventual transition from editor to author fulfilled a lifelong ambition. With my sixth novel and second non-fiction book as works in progress I continue to enjoy the endless pleasure that words can bring, whether helping others to create works of fact or fiction or continuing to produce my own entertainments and diversions.

Whatever your needs and ambitions, I am here to help.

My books

Death Comes by Drone

Old foes return; what seem like small-time local crimes bring Bromo into murderous conflict with former enemies from afar

Twisted Trees

Family ties can be a killer, as Bromo discovers when he has to dig deep into a respected businessman’s hidden past

Death by Diamonds

The past catches up: old battles and forgotten foes bring deadly danger to Bromo’s door and to his beloved daughter

Washed Up

Never a moment’s peace: the riverside discovery of a young woman’s body shatters Bromo’s hopes of a quiet life

Done Deal

Where it all began: the award-winning book that introduces disgraced undercover and reluctant sleuth Bromo Perkins

From Paupers to iPads

One for family historians: a journey of surprising discoveries across six generations of my ancestors

Editing and services for writers

No matter how you are trying to communicate via the written word, make sure it’s the right word. Ensure whatever you write is fully understood by those you intend to reach.

Bad punctuation, incorrect grammar, wrong spellings and the misuse of words are the major crimes. Too many sentences are full of hyperbole that says nothing or, at best, obscures the intended meaning.

Technical language needs simplifying. Jargon has to be eliminated. Don’t use two words when one will suffice. Transform long and cumbersome sentences into shorter, snappier ones.

All this is the work of an editor. Over recent decades I have edited historical romances, crime fiction, fantasies, self-help books, science fiction, young adult adventures, love stories, biographies and auto-biographies, medical journals, memoirs, technical tomes, academic theses, travel tales and mental health manuals. I liaise closely with authors to put the final polish on their work, regardless of genre or topic.

Everything needs editing

  • Full length novels
  • Novellas
  • Biographies
  • Self-help books
  • Academic theses
  • Family histories
  • Press releases and even...
  • Restaurant menus

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